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Why? Muscles overtire, as well as all organism which lacks time for rest.
Extension of muscles should not be considered separately. All organism takes part in this process. All your being is involved for recovery of the broken-off fabrics. Such recovery is vital. Your shared state of health, and also efficiency of fight against separate injuries depends on it.
Do not hesitate to take time for rest. It is very important to wait at first when muscular pain from the previous trainings abates, and only then to return to the hall!
The professional in the business steroid supplements Atseto was asked somehow whether it is necessary to continue trainings when you feel muscle pain? His answer was categorical is not present. Even when muscles only ache a bit, it means that from the previous training they did not manage to be recovered. If you continue to work in such status, you thereby accelerate a catabolism (destruction of muscles).
Menttser also considered rest as an important factor of growth of muscles. If you recognize that rest is as important as training, you will understand that there has to be an optimum ratio of days on rest and for work. Based on my extensive work experience the trainer, I can claim that trainings yield each 4-7 days the most wonderful results in comparison with any other deal. And after 96 hours rest does not arise any decompensation or an atrophy. Once long ago I asked many body builders whether they noticed that after few weeks of rest, they always returned to work with new forces. They it is universal answered that actually so it also was. Perhaps, steroid supplements you too once felt it. If you return after rest with a new charge of energy, you will have no decompensation. Moreover, as you became stronger, you have excess compensation. So do not worry about it. If at you there does not come the decompensation after 1, two weeks, you will not have it also after 4-7 weeks.
Notice, Menttser spoke about 4-7 weeks between trainings, it is not obligatory between trainings on the same group of muscles. It is enough this time for a complete recovery of all organism, and each its component separately.
4-7 weeks of rest from trainings can sound for you wildly if you got used to the cycles which are quickly replaced by each other. On the other hand, whether you feel requirement to make something absolutely new? In what you were engaged, helped you to progress far in your results in bodybuilding, isn't it? So do not doubt and safely stretch breaks between your occupations. Guess what then will occur? Your muscles will start over again growing at mad rates! Having afforded additional rest, you will help the muscles to be recovered.
What break should be done between trainings? Mike Menttser considers optimum breaks in 4-7 weeks.

Mike reminds:

The first that your muscles after training should make, it not to build on new layers over old, and to fill the appeared holes between them. Completion of process of recovery can take several days before the organism is able to start building of new fabrics. When you provide to your body an extra time, it can manage to execute these two procedures. The more an extra time you give to the organism, the your muscles will grow quicker. Everything is very simple.

Rest/work zone

If you any time strenuously trained on the mode of the cycles which are quickly replaced by each other, transition to the rest mode for 4-7 days will trouble you, at least, at the psychological level. Undoubtedly, your body will evaluate it, but not your brain. To avoid this stress, you pass to the new mode gradually. Begin with two days off and steroid supplements through each 3 times increase their quantity until you achieve the mode in 4-7 days of rest.
Even, in spite of the fact that Menttser considers ideal rest each 4-7 days, you can be necessary either more, or it is less. Besides muscle pain can serve as a reference point. Wait until pain ceases, and undergo in addition 2 more days. It can turn out that for a complete recovery of forces you need the whole week. There is no universal council for the number of days for rest which would suit all and everyone.